Bug in game 1407?

Bug in game 1407?

Message par AnnieS1527 » 10 Jan 2017 7:59

Not sure if I somehow skipped my turn or if it's a bug, but for some reason after completing round 5, my screen tells me to wait my turn while the history indicates that the other 2 players in the 3-player game have gone ahead and started another round already (chose their turn order, declared actions, performed some of the actions). Also, it doesn't look like the board they're playing on is the round 6 board...
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Re: Bug in game 1407?

Message par frederic.moulis » 10 Jan 2017 8:16

I introduced a bug yesterday that broke some games... among them, some were fixable. Others are not. Your game is one of those... I'm sorry
I'll delete your game
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