Sage use

Sage use

Message par Aeyrs » 19 Août 2017 20:37

In game 10477 I tried using a sage by clicking on it when selling an ingredient. Sage not consumed, extra gold not awarded. Was it me failing to click the right place or the game failing to use the sage? User error or bug?
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Re: Sage use

Message par frederic.moulis » 19 Août 2017 20:45

Hi Aeyrs,

if you have a Sage in hand, the game first asks you if you want to use one. At that time, you have the choice between clicking on any Sage you have they are highlighted, or clicking on the "Transmute an ingredient" button.
If you have clicked on this button without having clicking on a Sage (clicking on it makes it disappear) then the GUI considers you have chosen not to use it.

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