no Bug: Discount from Shopkeeper not working correctly

no Bug: Discount from Shopkeeper not working correctly

Message par Syntaxx » 04 Sep 2017 23:31

In game #11010 both my opponent and myself played the shopkeeper in the last round before buying an artifact, but apparently the discount was not granted to both of us. I paid 5 gold for my artificact (don't know the english name, but it was the standard price) and my opponent paid 3 for the wisdom idol (usual price is 4, but he already bought the artifcact in round 1 which gives discount on future artifacts, in this case 1 discount because it was the not the first buy afterwards). The log also indicates, that the shopkeepers were played but didn't give any discount (it shows the shopkeeper card with number 0 on it for our "buy artifact" actions). Also the cards definitely weren't in our hands anymore at the end of the game, which is also shown in the final log where cards are transformed into gold for endgame scoring.

Is this a bug or if not can someone please clarify, which rules we are missing? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Bug: Discount from Shopkeeper not working correctly

Message par frederic.moulis » 04 Sep 2017 23:40

just read the history...
there's a 0 on the shopkeeper because you did not play any !! because you did not have one in hand.
no shopkeeper... no discount... no bug
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