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Alchemy for the colour-blind

31 Déc 2018 7:36

So I was hoping to recruit a friend to this game, but then I remembered that he's colour-blind. He won't be able to tell the difference between the R+/R- and G+/G- potion results. Is it possible to have something added to the game history & results list (beneath the deduction table) indicating the colour in text? For example,

"~Illustration~ Paralysis: Green Negative."

I'm pretty sure my friend could manage remembering top = red, left = green, right = blue as far as the properties symbols go, but perhaps others might benefit from some kind of key for that as well.

Re: Alchemy for the colour-blind

03 Jan 2019 12:10

The potion results have different textures. Red has drops on it, blue looks a little foggy, and green like some kind of fabric. Maybe that helps?

Re: Alchemy for the colour-blind

03 Jan 2019 23:41

How about giving a shape to each color?

I just renewed my photoshop subscription to draw this high quality idea draft, of a molecule and a seal:

alchimiste_daltonien.png (49.89 Kio) Consulté 3145 fois

Re: Alchemy for the colour-blind

04 Jan 2019 10:58

It could be a good idea, valid for almost all the games.

In the case of Alchemists, there is also the problem of the players' cubes and pawns.

@jouons : we won't modify the artwork. I'm not sure this is allowed.

My first proposal could be to add tooltips on images, that would be a good solution on computers but not on touch devices

Re: Alchemy for the colour-blind

04 Jan 2019 16:05

The best is something like that https://www.ryobi-sol.co.jp/visolve/en/
I am not colorblind, so it is hard to give a good software, but I thing it is the best solution for your friend.
BàJ is not authorized to change the game design (I think, I'm not sure)
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