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Game recommendations to a newb

Message par skittleys » 03 Déc 2017 5:14


I've been attending a board game meetup for the last few months. While I mainly like "party" games (Anomia, Cards Against Humanity), I have recently played Trajan and Castles of Burgundy and am very interested in playing again. I'm currently playing some rounds of Trajan on here. I am wondering if there are any similar games I would enjoy. Has to be mainly in English (I do have some French).
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Re: Game recommendations to a newb

Message par Josquin » 03 Déc 2017 14:02

Hi skittleys,
welcome to this fabulous site - and to their amazing members (they are, indeed, I assure you)
There is a "bunch" of "multiligural" persons here, always trying to be helpful in any way (if possible...)
English is really no problem at all, all the games here have an english user interface. And so is for the rules, because we simply give the link to the appropriate website.
When learning a game, I recommend to select some friendly and helpful person and use the chat option during game for assistance.

Now, if you like Trajan and BuBu (what we germans use as abreviation for the Castle of Burgundy), perhaps you should try (in this order) Concordia, as well as Vanuatu, though the three have well different game mechanics.
Later, when your brain needs to be utterly squeezed: Tzolk'in and Myrmes ... and if you like a good humour beside, nonwithstanding the difficulties: Dungeon Lords and Alchemists are a choice here.
A special mention can be Dungeon Twister.
And simply an invitation to some "pure" tactical, abstract games (because I cherish them, even if you do not seem to be interested in ... for the moment, let's say :wink: ): The whole GIPF project (GIPF, DVONN, TZAAR, YINSH, PÜNCT, ZERTZ; only the latest of them LYNGK is not available here). But EXXIT (tremendous... and tremendously difficult) and Dragon Face are a good choice, too.

Ah, and if you like to discuss topics quite different from games: Seek for the special threads on the forum. (Specialist for ancient music here is me! And that's not a joke!!)

Happy playing (yeah, that means: have fun!!)
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Re: Game recommendations to a newb

Message par petyr » 03 Déc 2017 17:42

If you like "Trajan", try "Kanban". And "Concordia" too.
"Life is but a game" ("La vie n'est qu'un jeu"). What kind of game is your life?

And I'll never play games with 30 day limit again!
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Re: Game recommendations to a newb

Message par Piano » 04 Déc 2017 14:38

Josquin a écrit :A special mention can be Dungeon Twister.

To play at Dungeon Twister, you have to be a Premium member.
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