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for discussions in english about the portal.

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this forum is for announcements and general discussions about boiteajeux, in english. To discuss about a specific game, you can post in english in the forum of this game.
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[OK] Help - page not updating

27 Mars 2020 3:08

My home page has stopped updating unless I refresh it. I also cannot see who is currently online which I used to be able to see since they were marked with a green dot. Is there any way to get my pages (including my games) to automatically update and see who is on? Thank you.

Re: Help - page not updating

27 Mars 2020 8:11

You have probably ended your premium period.
You can subscribe to a new period there http://boiteajeux.net/index.php?p=subscription if toi like this web site

Re: Help - page not updating

27 Mars 2020 9:03

Premium advantages are offered for 1 week to new members.
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