[Suggestion] Allow leaving game before it starts

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[Suggestion] Allow leaving game before it starts

Message par jamespedid » 06 Avr 2020 22:46

Hello, I'm new to the site. I seem to be joining public games that users create that they want to play with their buddies. I end up joining the game, but because they want to play with their buddies, they do not want to play the game with me and they go on to create another game. In this situation, since the game is not started, I'd rather leave the game since their buddy wants to join. Now obviously they should have chosen the 'friends only' visibility setting, but I'm left with the game being left open and it's a little annoying. Is there any way to remove the game?
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Re: [Suggestion] Allow leaving game before it starts

Message par Piano » 07 Avr 2020 13:57


The Concordia games #47081 and #47086 have been deleted. :wink:
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