How can I reach another player?

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How can I reach another player?

Message par chanti72 » 26 Nov 2014 9:27

Game # 89151 is being stalled by player Game_over for quite some time now, but since he's my opponent in another game (where he DOES make moves), I know he or she is playing and not offline for a longer period. Just today I noticed that this player will be on vacation for a couple of days (starting today), it says so in the player profile, but game 89151 has been stalled for about a week now. I'd like to either send this person a message to ask to quit stalling and make a move or leave the game. This was supposed to be a quick game (see description of game 89151)!
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Re: How can I reach another player?

Message par diplojak » 26 Nov 2014 9:52

you can click on the login of the player, either in the game, or on your dashboard, and send him a private message.
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