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Game #116092

Message Publié : 23 Juin 2018 15:25
par Anarcho
Hi, playing Alhambra for the first time on Boiteajeux in this game. It's my first turn and I keep clicking the Yellow 10 tile, and clicking denominations "9" and "1", and I keep getting the error message
"This purchase is not valid! Check your funds and select again your action."

I've tried other combinations of denominations and keep getting the same error message. Please assist.

Re: Game #116092

Message Publié : 23 Juin 2018 16:58
par Piano
For reminder, you have to use the same currency to buy a building tile.

So to buy the yellow 10 building tile, you have to spend at least 10 with yellow money cards... But you have only one money card which value is 1... It is not enough !