Bug in game #2646469 re Patron and Perpetual student

Bug in game #2646469 re Patron and Perpetual student

Message par MarkHab » 07 Fév 2017 13:46

Have Patron and Perpetual student.

When taking an occupation using the Perpetual student, the extra 2 food from the Patron is not being applied.
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Re: Bug in game #2646469 re Patron and Perpetual student

Message par Striker » 07 Fév 2017 14:12

The extra 2 food from the Patron IS being applied correctly when used with the Perpetual Student.

If you check the history of the game and count how much Food you should have against how much you actually have, you will see it is correct. The common misunderstanding is how the Food is shown in the history on BaJ.

You will see the 3 Food being applied by the Perpetual Student. When you play an Occupation with the Patron, you will see -1 Food shown on the history. Normally an Occupation will show 1 Food on the history but -1 Food means you GAIN 1 Food from this action (-1 Food for playing the Occupation and +2 Food from the Patron, a net GAIN of 1 Food for you).

Hope that clarifies the misunderstanding you have and shows that these two cards are being applied correctly in combination with each other.
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