Lettuce Patch & Gardner

Lettuce Patch & Gardner

Message par StanPSmith » 21 Fév 2017 21:09

The card info is unclear.
Can I convert the Vegetable I receive from the supply (due to the Gardner) for the lettuce patch to 4 food (as lettuce)?
i.e. do I effectively harvest the lettuce then get a Vegetable from the supply to stick back on the lettuce patch?

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Re: Lettuce Patch & Gardner

Message par SuperBrit » 22 Fév 2017 13:40

When you sow a vegetable on the lettuce patch, each harvest you are prompted to choose to take the harvested vegetable as 4 food or take it into your stock. If you have e.g. a fireplace you can cook it 2 food later, but you probably would not want to do that. If you have also played the gardener, you get to choose as I have explained, but you also leave 2 vegetables on the lettuce patch. If you sow the lettuce patch (without playing the gardener), harvest 1 veg, leaving 1 on the lettuce patch THEN play the gardener, the same choices are available each harvest, but only 1 veg is present on the lettuce patch for the rest of the game.
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