[BUG] maybe k310 k288 combo

[BUG] maybe k310 k288 combo

Message par ydig » 20 Juil 2017 2:21

Game #2805059
i think it's possible to take clay and reed together which is on the k310, by using the k288 ability to choose a clay.
but it does not work.
explained in the #310 tooltip
* It is possible to receive more than 1 resource from the Resource Seller by using occupations such as Wood Distributor K284, Storehouse Keeper K288 or Clay Worker K290.
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Re: [BUG] maybe k310 k288 combo

Message par lynkowsky » 20 Juil 2017 8:13

1) If you think there is a bug, do not validate your turn !

2) I think there is no bug :
- you gain reed first
- reed is not on top of K310 stock, so you do not receive any.
- K288 : you choose to receive clay
- K310 : clay is on top of the stock, so you receive 1

If you make it again on next turn, as reed would be on top of the stock, K310 would give now both reed and clay.
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