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Bug - turn order

12 Avr 2018 0:02

http://www.boiteajeux.net/jeux/agr/part ... id=3050400

The feeding in round 11 like out of order.

It's not a major issue, but wondering if it's related to the lettuce patch?

Re: Bug - turn order

12 Avr 2018 19:48

Yes you're right, the one who has played the lettuce patch is the first to start the feeding whatever is the real order at this moment of the game. I get the same all the time as well but I don't know the reason. Is it a bug or in purpose?

Re: Bug - turn order

13 Avr 2018 11:33

The order in harvest is most of the time without any importance. If am not wrong there is only one card implemented, where the order could make a difference (watermill).
So i'd guess this is on purpose.
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