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[NO BUG] Shepherd's pipe bug

15 Juin 2018 13:38

There seems to be a shepherds pipe bug in my game 3098019 as I am unable to keep more the 2 sheep in each of my single pastures. If someone could take a look and fix this it would be much appreciated.

Re: Shepherd's pipe bug

15 Juin 2018 15:05

no bug. You can keep more than 2 sheeps in a pasture, I just did it for you. You probably tried to keep more sheeps that you have globally.

Re: [NO BUG] Shepherd's pipe bug

09 Avr 2020 8:56

http://www.boiteajeux.net/jeux/agr/part ... id=3647916

I just faced a similar bug with stable it looks like.

I played Shephard's Pipe in round 6 but now when i collected 2 sheep in round 7 it did not let me put 2 sheep in my non-fenced stable. It is fine as i cooked one but during harvest I hope I can put my new born sheep there as second in my non-fenced stable.
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