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[BUG] Breeding problem in 3135126

09 Juil 2018 15:41

I am running into a problem w breeding and feeding. I have the cattle breeder and 2 cows and 3 sheep, and only space for 5 animals. It's the beginning of the 13th turn, which means I get to breed another cow, but have no space for it. I was hoping to cook one of the sheep, but I don't get option to do so. Problem with the game?

Re: [BUG] Breeding problem in 3135126

14 Juil 2018 10:56

If you haven't validated your move yet, you can cook your sheep using the cooking button (second button from the top on the left-hand pannel, just below the button that displays the game board)
Hope this helps.

PS : and if nothing else, send a private message to diplojak explaining the situation and what you wanted to do

Re: [BUG] Breeding problem in 3135126

15 Juil 2018 18:08

Thanks for the answer. Unfortunately I am not given option. Even before my turn begins I breed, and as I only have room for 5 animals I have a choice of either letting go of a cow or sheep. I understand the cow, as I just bred it, but I should have had opportunities to kill sheep...
I'll pm. Thx

Re: [BUG] Breeding problem in 3135126

15 Juil 2018 20:14

If you read the Cattle Breeder card carefully, it states that your cattle breed at the END of round 12 IF there is space for the calf. You don't get the chance to cook it immediately (as you might in other situations), so you don't get the chance to make room for it by cooking other animals either i.e no opportunity to cook animals arises - either you have enough room for it or you can release an animal to make room - that's the way it works. It's a bit subtle I agree, but it is correct in my view :(
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