scoring mendicant points

scoring mendicant points

Message par victor.rotger » 11 Juil 2019 14:38

In agricola, at what point of the game are negative points from mendicant cards scored?

In this game

the first player should have -6 points from mendicants cards but so far do not show up in the scoring.

Perhaps after the last harvest? Or is there a bug?
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Inscription : 08 Mars 2018 23:09

Re: scoring mendicant points

Message par Highkeep » 11 Juil 2019 15:15

Hi there! Good question, but no bug. The negative 6 for two begging cards is deducted from the ‘cards’ category in the scoring. The player has 14 points in major/minor improvements, minus six for begging, resulting in 8 points for cards which is what is displayed.
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Inscription : 17 Oct 2018 3:10

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