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Troll player

15 Fév 2020 1:21

This is...**************
It's hard to understand why anybody can to sign in on +100 games and only make his movement when time is about to finish. +25 days (timeout is 1 month) waiting for only one movement...
I think this player ************** is obviously, a troll, and I claims for a perpetual banning.

moderator edit : no public delation, thanks

EDIT: Sorry for my mistake (public delation), I've searched for Agricola forum Moderator but not general Moderator or Ownwers for private mail. Sorry... :oops:
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Re: Troll player

15 Fév 2020 2:26

Interesting. So he paid for premium, joined a large number of games but then plays them incredibly slowly. His bio writes "probably the slowest player in the server." He has 108 active games and its his turn in approximately 90 of them. He's active (logged on today) but doesn't make a move.

If I had to bet money, I would agree with your opinion that he is a troll player. But I guess it's possible he just enjoys simultaneously playing 100+ agricola games that will take 2+ years to finish.

Re: Troll player

15 Fév 2020 10:51

No public delation please, send a pm to a moderator when you have a problem with a player. I will send a pm to diplojak to inform him.

Re: Troll player

15 Fév 2020 13:19

Et pourtant il a terminé plus de 120 parties en 175 jours.
Il n'est donc pas si lent que ça... Après plus de 100 parties en cours ça n'aide pas à la fluidité :(
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