Statistics Accumulated?

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Statistics Accumulated?

Message par petyr » 10 Déc 2014 13:31

An interesting question: what cards are the most and the least popular as "initial" (come with player's "question")? As "distracting" (put by all other players)? As "chosen" (attempts to guess an initial card)? I think there are very interesting (and very possibly unexpected) results in such statistics. Can you, programmers and admins of the portal, a) build these statistics and b) reveal them to us?
"Life is but a game" ("La vie n'est qu'un jeu"). What kind of game is your life?

And I'll never play games with 30 day limit again!
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Re: Statistics Accumulated?

Message par diplojak » 10 Déc 2014 14:20

I am afraid it would be very hard to build this, sorry.
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