Player delay game on purpose

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Player delay game on purpose

Message par krolikkrol » 28 Fév 2017 22:20

Hi there
There is a situation:
It is player X turn to move. 30 days passed. Someone kicked him and make replace. Player X returns to the game very fast (couple hours) as replacement. And .... didn't make a MOVE yet but he had time to make in game message "thank you for kicking me".
Is there a way to not allow kicked players return to the game. This is patology...
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Re: Player delay game on purpose

Message par petyr » 28 Fév 2017 22:31

Just a thought: put this player in the black list (available for Premium players only though) before kicking. And he just won't see this game again.
"Life is but a game" ("La vie n'est qu'un jeu"). What kind of game is your life?

And I'll never play games with 30 day limit again!
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Re: Player delay game on purpose

Message par lynkowsky » 28 Fév 2017 22:36

pm send.
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