[NO BUG]Error report and request

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[NO BUG]Error report and request

Message par teddog12 » 14 Sep 2015 9:49

Hi Diplojak,

I am in game #36320. I made a move to use the building action. I placed my worker on a forum space, and since it was my first tile of that type, I used my forum action to take a forum bonus chit. I then used this bonus to take another tile, which was a Senate bonus chit. I should then have had the opportunity to use my building bonus chit (which I had acquired on a previous turn), but the program simply moved on to the next player.

Any chance you could let me know what happened? And if it was a bug, could you reset the game to where I get my chance to use the building bonus?


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Re: Error report and request

Message par diplojak » 14 Sep 2015 9:55

no bug, you can only use one tile per turn, either for the main action (building action), or for the extra action (forum action)
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