Tournament Mode?

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Tournament Mode?

Message par asymptote » 08 Nov 2015 7:19

Like Agricola, have you considered some kind of "Tournament Mode"?

Personally, I can live with most of the randomness and ups and downs. The only thing that is really bad is the 1st person advantage, followed by getting "first in the next quarter".

I have a feeling, if all you did was remove the +2 option for the Forum extra-turn-tile (ETT), that would make it even enough.

But as it is, if someone is lucky enough to pick up a Forum ETT and then two other ETTs like 2 x senate's.. that's a huge advantage!
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Re: Tournament Mode?

Message par Jehan de Montpéril » 12 Nov 2015 20:13

I don't think +2 option for the Forum ETT is the most important problem. In my opinion, the worst is the 1st player plays n moves in the whole game and the other players play n or n-1 moves. I would like all players play the same number of moves.
Jehan de Montpéril
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