resolving ties

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resolving ties

Message par please join me » 25 Fév 2018 21:52

I have a question. In the printed rules for Trajan regarding balance of power in the senate it says "Each player totals the number of votes according to their current POSITION on the senate track, and the number of votes of all senate tiles they have on their mat." I understand that. Later on, regarding game victory the rules state "A tie for the most victory points is broken in favor of the player occupying the higher POSITION in the senate." So it sounds to me that someone could win the senate in the fourth quarter using votes on senate tiles, but lose a tie game because another player was further along the senate track. Is this how the programming code is written in this version on this site?
please join me
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Re: resolving ties

Message par petyr » 26 Fév 2018 0:37

Yes, because all Senate scrolls (purple in the lower right corner of the personal board) are reset after selecting Senate bonus tiles. Only real Senate position counts.
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