[OK] tiles missing at begining of game

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[OK] tiles missing at begining of game

Message par please join me » 26 Juin 2018 2:46

In game 63697 there were 3 military territories that had no tiles on them at the begining of the game. I was first player. I wondered if this was the case on my opponent's screen as well, so I typed a message asking that question. The instant I clicked "send" the missing tiles appeared. Anyone else encountered this bug?
please join me
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Re: tiles missing at begining of game

Message par Meamer » 26 Juin 2018 7:10

Sounds to me like the network connection cut out briefly. I haven't had that exact combination of events, but I've had e.g. a game of Myrmes load with the pheromone tiles not drawn on the board. Cleared up as soon as I refreshed the page. I wouldn't worry too much about things like this, as long as the backend implementation is working correctly.
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