Odd and annoying play Game #231849

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Odd and annoying play Game #231849

Message par Spider55 » 25 Juil 2016 17:42

In our game, Game #231849 one player "Game over" has now twice played a few moves and then failed to play any further moves for around 29 days despite the fact that he/she has logged on several times in the intervening period. Just as they are about to run out of time, he/she then plays another move, and the clock is reset. I have no idea what they get out of this, but it's very annoying as it has locked up the game for several months, my fellow player "hexekaiserin is equally annoyed. I have posted in the game forum and sent private messages but got no reply. Is there anything that we can do about what appears to be deliberate attempt to spoil the game?
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Re: Odd and annoying play Game #231849

Message par RECIF » 26 Juil 2016 18:46

ok, that's right, but you have begun the last round :wink:
I would change with my Vanuatu's game number 3701... I hope we'll finish before Christmas...
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Re: Odd and annoying play Game #231849

Message par jouons » 26 Juil 2016 20:06

Game_over is sometimes very quick, but I see some delays in the history
http://www.boiteajeux.net/jeux/cdb/hist ... ?id=231849
04 - 08 may, 09 - 16 may, 22 may - 19 jun, 19 jun - 17 jul, 18 - 26 jul

(If you buy premium feature, when creating a game you can set a minimum game speed and maximum waiting time, and it helps the website.)
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