'No Jarnac' - what's the point

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'No Jarnac' - what's the point

Message par ccfpcl » 21 Fév 2016 20:19


Just started trying this.

Most of the games on BaJ are played with the 'no Jarnac' option selected.

As far as I can see, this removes any interaction between the players. It may as well be a solitaire game.

Am I missing something?

Thanks, Chris.
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Re: 'No Jarnac' - what's the point

Message par Mysterix » 21 Fév 2016 20:42

Hi !
Actually there is only a minority of games with this option (but a majority of unjoined games with it)
The option is here for a group of players who want to play friendly games, without "agressive" actions.
But you are right, it removes all the interaction.

You can also note that the optimal strategy with this option is to pass the ~10 first moves, then start to play, but none of the players who like this option do that, it's more casual play.
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