User Interface question

User Interface question

Message par shamusj909 » 18 Avr 2018 14:08

When I hover over the tiles on the right side, a symbol appears in the upper right corner that is not explained on the game help page. The symbols look like bonus points / abilities but how and why are they generated for each tile that I hover over?

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Re: User Interface question

Message par jouons » 18 Avr 2018 19:00

For each of the sixty tiles (1-20 in the tree colors), there is a corresponding card that will be in the deck of distributed cards if you place the tile.
Each card has an effect during the game or adds points at the end.

You can place a tile hoping that you will get the corresponding card in order to build it again and win the card, it will cost you only one token when you build on yourself (if same colour, otherwise one more).
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