Not paying suggestion -> Paladin?

Not paying suggestion -> Paladin?

Message par Donbo » 10 Août 2017 20:57

In game 6727, I sent a witch to battle and the spell is suggestion. I cannot pay for the witch, so it has to be withdrawn. However, it seems I gained an evil and now the paladin has come to my dungeon and game is waiting for me to confirm and end my turn. I did not have the paladin at the start of battle. Thanks again for your support.
- Don
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Re: Not paying suggestion -> Paladin?

Message par frederic.moulis » 10 Août 2017 21:12

It was only a "display" problem
On server side, engine was ok, so you could have validated.

But it was a good idea to hold on the game, and report the problem !!
it is now fixed.

Thanks !
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