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bug in Game #7015

Message Publié : 10 Sep 2017 14:48
par badw0lf
I moved past the part in the game where it happened since I didn't want to hold everyone up and I didn't have proof, but during the year 2 festival season I had added in an imp to go to festival season, then decided I didn't need it a removed it. Apparently the game did not pick that up and still sent the imp, which ended up making it so I was unable to do what I needed in combat and now I have an extra conquered room and conquered tunnel. This will also most likely make me lose, but getting the glitch fixed so that it doesn't happen again is more important.

Re: bug in Game #7015

Message Publié : 10 Sep 2017 15:02
par frederic.moulis
Hi badw0lf

looking to the code, I can't see how your problem could happen. Anyway, I'll have a deeper look to this.
Thanks for your report.