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[OK] Birdie and Impatient heroes

13 Mai 2018 19:18

See viewtopic.php?f=97&t=23604

See table #8539
Impatient heroes should not be activated when adventurer has been chosen using Birdie's ability. The card says that you are skipped during adventurer phase.
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Re: Bug. Impatient heroes

13 Mai 2018 19:23

Please fix the table if possible. Thanks.

Re: [OK] Birdie and Impatient heroes

15 Mai 2018 13:04

c0nst a écrit :See viewtopic.php?f=97&t=23604

This topic, written by myself, is a quote from Vlaada Chvatil aka "the Great" HIMSELF.
And it actually tells that Impatient Heroes must be applied even if you chose your heroe with birdie.
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