[BUG] ? not sure

[BUG] ? not sure

Message par Dermerlin » 21 Mars 2017 6:36

i am not sure about the ruling:
In general when you use the SP-field you can chose to either take SP AND/OR build a minor. You cannot take the action if you decide to perform neither of the actions. So far so good and so correct.

But now, what in rd 14. I can chose to take SP without building a minor (blocking the field). I am not sure whether taking SP is an allowed action in rd 14. My feeling tells me it's not, but my feeling has nothing to do with the correct ruling.
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Re: [BUG] ? not sure

Message par Striker » 21 Mars 2017 12:32

You can only take an action if you do something on that action.
I have always played that you can take the SP action and NOT play an improvement but you then MUST take the SP 'marker' (in practice you almost always take the SP marker anyway).
I think it is still permissable, even in #14 because you take the SP marker, even though you will not be the SP in the next round.
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