Issue with mason on last action?

Issue with mason on last action?

Message par xmagx » 08 Sep 2012 5:35


In this game ( I renovated to stone on my last action. The Mason (which gives you an extra stone room anytime after you reach four stone rooms) had been played earlier. However, he was not activated until I completed my renovation and once I completed the renovation, the last turn was over and it was onto the final harvest. Is there any way around this seeming catch-22? (I see how I can use him as long as I have not used my final action but sadly this renovation was my final action.)

Also, anyway to adjust the game to reflect using the card as this did change the outcome?

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Re: Issue with mason on last action?

Message par punkypine » 08 Sep 2012 6:14

Yeah, I hope there is some way for him (her?) to use the card; the game should have been a draw. I don't know if he (she?) cares about ELO but if so then hopefully it can be adjusted. Good day, -punky
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Re: Issue with mason on last action?

Message par lynkowsky » 08 Sep 2012 8:44

When you made the renovation, you should not "end your turn", but you should click on your mason card to use it.
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Re: Issue with mason on last action?

Message par Worker~10 » 07 Déc 2017 12:22

In game 2944784, I tried to use the mason effect during the final harvest, but it didn't work. I guess I should have used it before, but because it says on the card "at any time" I thought it would work then
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Re: Issue with mason on last action?

Message par SuperBrit » 10 Déc 2017 14:14

That's the way it works alright, this happened to me once and I guess most players learn the hard way. I think the issue is the phrase "at any time". What is particularly misleading is that, for example, the clay seller (card 186) uses the same wording, and it DOES allow you to convert clay to sheep at harvest time, so clearly giving the impression that the mason should also work at any harvest. I think there are other cards such as the stone breaker that could conceivably cause confusion for the same reason.

In conclusion, either the way such cards work should be modified or the wording needs to be changed. A bit of a grey area ?
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