Visibility of Victory Points

Visibility of Victory Points

Message par ChuckHenebry » 06 Avr 2020 19:14

The online game makes everyone's current victory point total visible at all times. That's different from the board game, where victory points are only calculated at the end of game. Late in the game I'd prefer not to know who's ahead, to make decisions based on my gut sense of what will pay off best—or to math it out in my head if I'm really determined.

I don't see an option for hiding the current victory point count when I'm setting up a new game. Am I missing something? Or if it's not currently an option, is the online developer willing to add one?

Thanks! Great game—a lifesaver for me in this weird time of pandemic!
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Re: Visibility of Victory Points

Message par 200lbMumford » 06 Avr 2020 19:32

Agreed totally.
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Re: Visibility of Victory Points

Message par jamespedid » 06 Avr 2020 21:04

The only thing about this, though, is Concordia is already a game of perfect information, and given that people have 12 hours between turns and a notepad, they already can just count the score at any time. This is an unfortunate side effect of the game being played electronically that really cannot be avoided. I personally agree that being able to see the score is losing a bit of the effect of the game being played at the tabletop.
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Re: Visibility of Victory Points

Message par wooly_ot » 08 Avr 2020 17:10

I have more of a problem being able to everybody's hidden cards
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Re: Visibility of Victory Points

Message par frederic.moulis » 08 Avr 2020 17:36

You only see "hidden, but public" cards if you ask for it, as you have to hover a specific area on the page (and if you accidentally do it, you just need not to stare at it and move your mouse)

The answer is the same for both. Points and cards are public information that you can have if you take notes and spend minutes to calculate the scores. So I won't remove those features.
Nevertheless, being able to hide the score (and see it only if you hover the VP icon) could be a good idea.
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