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Boiteajeux is a free online games portal. You only need valid email to get an account.
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To sign in, just click on REGISTER; you will have to provide a login and an email address.
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After your registration you will be able to join in the games in the waiting room, to create new games and of course to play games! The games are played by turns. You can play as soon as the other players has finished their turn.

You will receive an email at 7am and 7pm (GMT +1) only if other players are waiting for you to play. This email will contain the list of related games.
With your registration (validated by email), you have access to the portal forum, where you can discuss with other players.

When you are on line, by clicking on the left section, you can create new games, join in games in creation, and make some queries on games. You can specify for each new game : A game's name, and optionally guests. Invitations allow you to play with known players. Guests have 7 days to join in the game, otherwise the game will become open.

Available games

Die Burgen von Burg. #247757
eleveur de yahoort (+22 ELO)
Die Burgen von Burg. #243603
Vanhune (+63 ELO)
Die Burgen von Burg. #247659
aro_kal (+36 ELO)
Yinsh #6673
deanthebean (+29 ELO)
Agricola #2468746
Rastafari (+17 ELO)
Deluxe Camping #50217
Pallumus (+29 ELO)
Die Burgen von Burg. #247773
lordpipington (+28 ELO)
Die Burgen von Burg. #247505
AngelBaby (+25 ELO)
Die Burgen von Burg. #247626
JimSr (+31 ELO)
Alhambra #103794
ALFita (+45 ELO)
Button Up! #13971
CasusBelli (+1 ELO)
Concordia #14889
realjc (+41 ELO)
Die Burgen von Burg. #236385
hellochessie (+0 ELO)
Agricola #2468661
shaun_the_sheep (+4 ELO)
Dixit #25944
pacap1 (+49 ELO)
aden OOkie, alesk, alfa5230, alien720, andshar, AngelHeart, aped00d, aplegat, arakh, aronax, Asillith, askesis, astroboy, Atomic_Pie, azur, Babydolle, Bagoly, baratzanthatul, basile, Benguigui, BigApple, bijoute, bla667, blasphema, Bob Angelisme, bruteferoce, béarn, celje, cestjouable, charlotchaton, checknix, chgus, Chrisdrew, clio1975, cocoon78, Cohan45, covadis, Coyotek4, Cyclopede, dbucak, degrem, Dets, Diablange, dill, Dimvegas, Dionysos09, djoul2leretour, dolan, doli, Domfast, Dosto, Duckworp, dwfiv, earendilou, Elric, emla, Eomaïa, Epworthian, feign, fjelfras, FOX64, frederic.moulis, fredfz, Fuchur, gaumar, geisers, Glafail94, Gobo, Granse, Gregg, Guitou, guy, hidari, ijayama, imeris, Incho, J.Jobje, Jakethesnake, japan, JaX, jgrimm, John30, jsem, KaHa, kitsune, KKK, korrigans, lbernard6026, lena, lorus, lo', Lucy21, luluciole974, lynkowsky, macaronb, madmart, majo0, malori29, Manual, Markhotep, mat76, meleke, MeliMElo, MelodramaBabs, Montu, mrpizzaclette, Musee, n4bleu, nemo, Nicky II, nicleto, nosfel, nrynry, pabula, papyv, paskon78, Pati, PatteDeChevre, pestaab, petitprince67, Pevans56, PhilK, Phoebus77, Pierre13, pipige, Possom, qcoeck, r0yFromGhent, Ralle, raw, RFCL, rixounette, rmeyer, robertp2, Romain, RV, Rédunca, salaozy, salem57, Schaffnerlos, Serpolette, Shepard, Sie, Silex Barnabas, sirleiland, Sissie, SlowBrain, Smaragd, Sober, spidersbark, Tacticus, Tantéplus, tazyel, Tgxennot, The Joker, theoden1, Therom1, tiroda, tolkien, tonami, torak, vainamoinen, VanDeVelde, vanina, vgv68, Vivalibertas, vl7727, Vortexsurfer, weekly, wiko, wilfried, Xaviator, yelmamdo, yorki1978, Yukimao, zaowouki, zeitan, zou
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