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12/16/2016 new game: ALCHEMISTS
Another great game from Czech Games Edition now available on boiteajeux. One of the best games of 2014 with Kanban;)
Alchemists is a deduction game with a very well rendered theme. Even if the rules are quite consistent, they stick perfectly to the theme and bring a lot of fun.

Thank you to Frédéric Moulis for the implementation! Note also that an extension has just come out for Alchemists:

the rules:

have fun,
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11/15/2016 Million Club: Stock Market Crash
After the feedback of the Million Club players, the question of the shortage of banknotes available in the box (160M) arose. The author has therefore imagined the rule of the stock market crash, which will be integrated to all games this evening, even if the shortage problem did not exist on boiteajeux. This change fits perfectly into the theme and adds a strategic dimension. If you feel that it is a problem for the current games, we can consider deleting.

There is also a rule clarification/change: now each pawn on a Lobby sector gives as many Company Movements as the total number of pawns laid in this Sector.

You will find the rule of the Stock market Crash below:
http://playadgames.fr/wp-content/upload ... -CRASH.pdf

have fun,
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Tzolk'in #38677
dragosw (+42 ELO)
Alhambra #109279
Game_over (+32 ELO)
Alhambra #109216
Kaffeetante (+34 ELO)
Agricola #2745906
danny85 (+20 ELO)
Alchemists #7691
olivia6 (+28 ELO)
Agricola #2691220
rekepo (+8 ELO)
Die Burgen von Burg. #291028
zelphire (+28 ELO)
Tyrus #28479
tycho (+28 ELO)
Jarnac #108512
pouille54 (+26 ELO)
Die Burgen von Burg. #293502
indesu (+17 ELO)
Kanban #4162
mon40 (+46 ELO)
Dungeon Petz #13089
nahar (+16 ELO)
Deus #36561
jerican (+42 ELO)
Die Burgen von Burg. #292506
jenny73 (+34 ELO)
Jarnac #109998
aude (+5 ELO)
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