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05/16/2017 new game: RALLYMAN
With a little delay in ignition (but in car racing, stall at startup happens even to the best!), We are pleased to announce the (re)opening of Rallyman! If you do not know it yet, this is an excellent racing game, a very addictive and clever mix of tactics and risk taking. The rules are quite simple, once you understand how the different tires come out on each surface, so do not hesitate to refer to the summary table in the game help page. Personal advice: as overtaking brings in my opinion not much to this game, the time trial mode seems to me particularly indicated on boiteajeux, because it allows to realize a special in one go.
The Dirt extension is also available, and it is possible to arrange the different boards, as in real, so try to establish the best time for each course possible!

The game help and the link to the rules:

To conclude, the word from the editor:

"The team at Holy Grail Games apologies sincerely for this little imbroglio, to the players, who were deprived of Rallyman for a few days, but also to Mysterix, who had to fear for a moment that his work is reduced to nothing by this misunderstanding ... We are happy to have been able to quickly formalize a solution that suits everyone, and we wish you good races online (waiting for the new version of the physical game next year). "

Many thanks to them, to the designer Jean-Christophe Bouvier, to Mysterix for the development, and of course we will give you some news of the re-edition!
have fun,
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