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Agricola #2903752
Nowogrodziec (+27 ELO)
Ginkgopolis #26601
xophe (+29 ELO)
Tzolk'in #44789
Strike (+22 ELO)
Nations: the Dice G. #77282
gmayeur (+33 ELO)
Die Burgen von Burg. #321831
ina103 (+30 ELO)
Rallyman #2437
AL1 (+51 ELO)
Romans Go Home! #14868
Padre (+58 ELO)
Deus #39608
pierrot le gros (+32 ELO)
Agricola #2898246
ede (+26 ELO)
Die Burgen von Burg. #317668
KeyZed (+14 ELO)
Alchemists #12173
youri60 (+26 ELO)
Jarnac #120135
Cayamel70 (+21 ELO)
Jarnac #120641
Dgeni (+15 ELO)
Die Burgen von Burg. #319541
Lillyfee (+24 ELO)
Deus #39356
Befa21 (+35 ELO)
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