Ongoing Email outage

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Ongoing Email outage

Message par volkerk » 11 Mai 2022 23:13

When will the email functionality be restored? Since Christmas no mail at all, how can this be left unfixed for so long? And how are people supposed to reset passwords or create new accounts?
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Inscription : 06 Août 2014 23:42
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Re: Ongoing Email outage

Message par Karlsen » 15 Juin 2022 12:00

I really miss the emails, getting game results and knowing when it is my turn (especially combined with constantly being logged off).
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Inscription : 07 Mars 2015 8:48
Localisation : Melbourne

Re: Ongoing Email outage

Message par Lidder » 27 Juin 2022 10:06

You are not able to register as well.
I recommended this portal to a friend of mine. As you can imagine, there was no registration email...
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Inscription : 11 Sep 2019 14:44

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