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Rule question

04 Juin 2017 8:20

Hi,What happens when you can not move one of your rings? This can happen when you are at the side of the board and your opponent and all the markers block all your rings.
Will you lose then or will it be considered a draw?

Re: Rule question

04 Juin 2017 8:39

I don't know how this is coded, but on bgg there is an official answer :

"Kris Burm has officially answered them:

1. A player must choose a mobile ring and put a piece in it. Putting a piece in a ring which cannot move is illegal.

2. If a player cannot move any of his rings, he loses his turn and his opponent moves again.

Note that in the second case, it is very likely that the opponent has a trivial win from such position. Because he moves again, and again, and again ..."

This is how the game is implemented on BSW and boardspace.net

Re: Rule question

04 Juin 2017 9:09

Thank you very much for the explanation Mysterix. I will wait for an answer from frederic :)

Re: Rule question

04 Juin 2017 21:07

:) you should wait for diplojak, I did nothing on this game ^^

Re: Rule question

04 Juin 2017 21:18

I gave it a quick look, I think that this case is not managed, so the only option available for the blocked player will be to resign

Re: Rule question

04 Juin 2017 21:21

Fortunately, I managed to avoid being blocked :D
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