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adios les bananas, viva Dorix!
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Game 3972

07 Sep 2015 8:01

Is there an option for a draw in dorix game. We are playing game 3972 and repeating the same moves over and over again and nobody wants to change it so we agreed for a draw, however there is no option for that on the screen.
What to do?

Re: Game 3972

07 Sep 2015 14:18

sorry, there isn't. The designer wanted to force you to play something else, at the beginning.
However I can delete the game, if you want.

Re: Game 3972

07 Sep 2015 15:01

Both player agreed. If you can read our in-game chat you can see that. If not, you can ask him for his approval of game delition (tharakaa).
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