Funny thing - shadows of pyramids

Funny thing - shadows of pyramids

Message par petyr » 10 Sep 2015 22:22

Just noted one "inconsistency" - shadows of pyramids on different land pieces may fall in opposite directions. I suppose it comes from the original board game.
"Life is but a game" ("La vie n'est qu'un jeu"). What kind of game is your life?

And I'll never play games with 30 day limit again!
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Re: Funny thing - shadows of pyramids

Message par Josquin » 10 Sep 2015 23:00

Have the real board game here... and, frankly, never payed attention to it.
Perhaps the reason why I can't find my north while walking left... :scratch:
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Re: Funny thing - shadows of pyramids

Message par diplojak » 11 Sep 2015 9:19

of course. when you create the board, you place the tiles randomly, including for orientation.
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