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Solo - end score

13 Avr 2016 0:52

In the following game I had 56 before the last move in which I scored 7, but my end score was 57.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?


Re: Solo - end score

13 Avr 2016 1:56

To be honest, 5 minutes ago i didn't know the rules and obviously never played the game.
Now i read the rules and i think i know the answer:

There are 120 coins at all in the game. 3 coins of them are removed after each of your actions. So if you are to slow, there are not enough coins left for you.
In your game you made 22 actions at all. So after your 21st action there are 63 coins removed and you can only get a maximum of 57 coins. This is what happened.

Re: Solo - end score

13 Avr 2016 4:45

Ah, of course. That makes sense. Was thinking it was just a countdown and not the actual available coins for taking.

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