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Tzolk'in Market Variant - What you need to know

Message Publié : 24 Août 2015 15:35
par diplojak

Tzolk'in Market Variant is now open!

Tzolk'in Market Variant is the exact same game as Tzolk'in, except for one rule: each time you are using the market, you can now only exchange the equivalent of 20 corn max.
example: you can give 3 gold (12 corn) and take 2 wood and 1 stone (7 corn). The total is 19, so you can't give or take anything else with this worker.

This game variant is visible only for a closed group of users. You belong to this group because your current ranking is 1900+.
Please DO NOT launch nominative invitations, unless you are sure that your opponents also belong to this group.

The Tzolk'in designer Daniele Tascini would like to see if this variant can vary winning strategies since the resource extraction seems very powerful. Maybe we will make other tests later, and maybe we could help to define an official errata.

You can play this game in the exact same way as Tzolk'in, but selecting "TZOLK'IN MARKET VARIANT" when creating a game.
You can continue to play Tzolk'in standard games.
There is a new ranking, new statistics and a new hall of fame for Tzolk'in Market Variant, separated from the "official" Tzolk'in data.
You can make any comment or suggestion here:

thanks for your help,