How to play ?


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  1. Each player takes four of the hexagon board pieces and positions them on the table to create the game board. All pieces apart from the first must be connected to the already placed pieces. Players place one piece alternately until all 8 are placed. To achieve this they have to select two places for two opposites hexes of the piece.
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  3. White stacks their counters and places the resulting tower (16 pieces high) in one of the hexes that are on the edge the game board. Black does the same and places their tower in a different space, also on the edge of the game board.


White begins by splitting their initial tower to create a new stack of pieces which they move to a new location. Black follows, and then turns are taken in order.

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When a player can no longer split one of his towers and move, he has lost the game.

Split is a Francesco ROTTA game edited by Jactalea
Adaptation on-line fredm (