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You can find below a brief description of the game and the interface, but you can hardly play without reading the rules!


fig. 1 : global display


fig. 3 : rearrange action markers

The player chooses one tray of their player mat and takes all action markers from that tray. The chosen tray must contain 1 marker at least. The time marker moves that many spaces on the time track in clockwise direction.(fig. 2).

fig. 2: the time track

Next, the player allocates the action markers one by one to the next trays in clockwise direction. The player puts one marker in each tray and continues to do so until they have allocated all markers from the chosen tray. It is the player's choice which marker (color) they put in what tray (fig. 3). The tray where the player puts the last action marker is the target tray.

The player can CANCEL the move as long as the last marker is not played.

The player can choose to allocate randomly the action markers, if there is no more Trajan tiles on the board for example.

The player may now perform the action assigned to the target tray (fig. 4).

fig. 4 : actions


Seaport action : The player must choose one of four options:
- draw 2 commodity cards from the face down pile and add them to their hand. Then, discard 1 card of their choice from their hand and place it face up on top of one of the two discard piles.
- pick up the top commodity card from one of the two discard piles and add it to their hand.
- play 1 or 2 cards from their hand face up in front of themselves.
- The player may ship commodities aboard one of the three ships by playing a combination of cards from their hand in front of themselves.

Forum action : The player takes any one tile of their choice from the forum and places it face up on its designated space of their player mat.

Military action : The player must choose one of three options:
- relocate one of their small player tokens from their personal supply on their player mat to the military camp on the game board. Thus, this token turns into a legionnaire until the end of the game.
- move their leader to an adjacent province. If they encounter a tile in that province, they simply seize it and place it on their player mat
- relocate one of their legionnaires from the military camp to the current province of their leader, if there is none of their own legionnaires yet. The player immediately gains some victory points.

Senate action : The player advances their disc on the senate track of the game board by 1 space and gains as many victory points as shown for that new space. The active player places their disc on top of any existing markers on that space.

Trajan action : The player takes the top face up tile from one of the six stacks of Trajan tiles and puts it on that slot of their player mat currently occupied by their Arch of Trajan. Then, they slide the arch of Trajan to the next free slot in clockwise direction.

Construction action : The player must choose one of two options:
- relocate one of their small player tokens from their personal supply of their player mat to the worker camp on the game board. Thus, this token turns into a worker until the end of the game.
- relocate one of their workers from the worker camp to a construction site. If this is their first construction site, they may choose any space in the district. They must place any additional own workers horizontally or vertically adjacent to at least one of their own workers.
In case there is a construction tile on that space, the player places it on the corresponding slot of their player mat and gains the victory points shown on that tile.
If this is the player's first construction tile of that type, they immediately perform the assigned action, in addition to their ordinary turn. The player is granted this additional action only for each of their first construction tile of its type.

fig. 5 : extra action


After performing their action, a player may repeat this action by discarding an extra tile showing the same action icon (fig. 5). Also an additional action caused by a construction action allows the player to use an extra action tile, but each player may perform only 1 extra action during their turn. If the player's tile allow to repeat both actions (standard and additional), the player can choose to repeat additional action first, and then to repeat standard action only if he refused the first proposition.

fig. 6 : content of discard piles


The content of discard piles is visible when moving the cursor over the pile (fig. 6).


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